Let's un_lock the
full potential of
hemp and cannabis

Our universal objective

MJ_UNIVERSE un_leashes, un_veils and un_folds the full potential of hemp and cannabis with the power of curated data_driven information and co_llaborative networks.

un_veil cannabinoids in medicine

Cannabis as a medicine has great potential for treating the individual as a whole. The experiences of many people and cultures with this medicinal plant speak for themselves. We call to include these experiences in research, to un_veil the hidden potential and to re_establish cannabis as a standard medical health option.

We help doctors, organisations and companies to facilitate access to cannabis as a medicine. We empower practitioners and patients by curating information about cannabis and by providing guidance. We elevate the experience of patients into a valuable and powerful resource for research to enable patients to co_create the cannabinoid medicine of the future.

Understanding cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system leads to a r_evolution of the health_care system. The un_veiled potential of Cannabis allows for its re_establishment as an integral part in medicine and to be used in its full spectrum for the holistic health management of all beings.

un_fold cannabis as a way of life

Cannabis as a way of life has the potential for a change in consciousness. Properly integrated, people can use the different effects on our body and mind to cultivate a mindful lifestyle and creativity. We call to transform the existing black market – with all its negative effects – through  a legal framework, that allows for entrepreneurial freedom and gives people a choice to un_fold the potential of cannabis for personal purpose.

We help people to consciously and responsibly integrate cannabis into their lives as an instrument for personal purpose. Using the power of curated data_driven information, we educate and empower people to make conscious choices about their use. We promote a change of perspective in collective consciousness and thereby enable social change for a sensible and progressive use of cannabis.

The un_folded potential of cannabis gives us access to increased awareness and opens our hearts. High-tech solutions allow the purposeful use of cannabis for the development of cognitive freedom and creativity. The shift of consciousness and the expansion of the sensory experience allow us to reach a state of chronical well-being and contribute to the transformation of our society.


Co_re business

MJ_UNIVERSE un_leashes, un_veils and un_folds the full potential of hemp and cannabis with the power of curated data_driven information and co_llaborative networks. MJ_UNIVERSE operates websites on various socially relevant topics around hemp and cannabis and digitizes demand. We transform data and information to make it accessible and useful. We provide orientation and enable people to make educated decisions in areas that are personally relevant to them. We understand needs, create collaborative market opportunities and quest for the unknown that creates future markets.

We want to co_llaborate with …

businesses and partner organisations, who are aligned with our universal objective and want to be part of our collaborative network.

investors and mentors, who want to grow with us to un_lock the full potential of hemp and cannabis.

freelancers and future team_members who share our passion for hemp and cannabis in the areas of online-marketing, SEO, content-creation and e-commerce.

advocates and opinion leaders who want to co_llaborate to shape the discussion actively and collaboratively have more impact.


Holistic Thinking & Impact

We believe that everything is connected. We understand the industry as a cybernetic system and look for large-scale patterns. We act agile and proactive to advance the whole world more sustainably. We are the change we want to see in this world.

Open_Heartedness & Compassion

We believe in the good in all people. We promote self_love and self_care as well as openness towards and awareness for others. We act upon compassion, empathy, appreciation and FairPlay.

Freedom & Self_Determination

We believe in the power of freedom and the unique gifts of the individual. We campaign for the right for individual freedom and radical self_expression. We believe in breaking down old and out_dated barriers and that everyone should be master of their own universe.

Leadership & Sustainable Future

We believe in leadership ability to express values, professional competence and advocacy. We bring together leaders through collaborative networks. We are leaders, who actively participate and shape the discussion. We believe in a sustainable future through open_source knowledge and innovation. We enable hemp and cannabis to be part in this r_evolution.



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